How to Find a College Mentor

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Why You Need a College Mentor

Experience is the best teacher. As you enter college, a journey full of opportunities and challenges awaits you. The first few months can be delightful and at the same time daunting due to the inability to cope with a new environment. That’s when a college mentor can resolve the situation.

At a time like this, a college mentor is a pragmatic solution. They can transform you into a university student in various ways. A mentor or coach can be a senior classmen, a faculty member or graduates whose words of wisdom and experience can light your path, which are-

  1. Obtaining right guidance at the right time- Coupled with experience, a college mentor will be all ears to your doubts and confusions. Having walked the similar road, their learnings will build your knowledge, give information and encourage you to be the best version of yourself at each moment. Be it career guidance or even zeroing down your college list, they will help you in each possible way.
  2. Your college partner– Apart from guidance and wisdom, they will be your best buddy around whom you can count on. They will make several tasks easy like identify your skills and interests, set long term goals, help you make connections at the university and even prepare you for the job or interview. They will fabricate your college life with beautiful memories to take in future.

How to find a College Mentor

Based on the studies, about a quarter students reported of being unaware of such assistance being available for them in university. They also reported limited resources or knowledge of mentee and mentor relationships and its significance. Having said that and penning the importance of a college mentor, let’s study the following solutions to find a college mentor.

University Mentor Program

The first and foremost way to search for a college mentor is to ask your university for a Mentor Program. The in-house mentor programs will drive you straight to your mentor. There would be a couple of formalities that are required both on mentees and mentor parts in order to make a match. Based on the application, the authorities will lead you to your mentor. Be mindful of clearly stating your requirements to make things simpler for everyone involved in the process. 

External sources

In the event of absence of a university’s mentor program, there are external sources where you can seek help from.The external organisations or groups are perfectly capable to search for a mentor. All you have to do is to click on the website or download the app and get started. The process will be laid out in a few simple steps with a friendly approach to remove your apprehensions in the moments of uncertainty.

Look for Alumni Groups

The university will have chockfull of graduates who are willing and ready to assist freshmen. Dive deep into the college website to find the related information or career advice page for obtaining high-quality information. You can also follow colleges’ social media spaces and actively look for graduates, alumni groups, common connections on LinkedIn or someone willing to help.

Be proactive

You can search for a mentor by yourself. Yes. You have all the means and resources to find the right mentor for yourself. Technology has evolved and with unprecedented innovations, people can connect virtually anywhere, anytime. Pen down the qualities that you would want your mentor to have and also which areas of expertise are you seeking professional advice for.  Gaining clarity on these grounds will prove useful and facilitate your search.

Leverage on different social networking sites

Also, there are other things to consider…..

In addition to finding a mentor, it is fundamental to identify your requirements and how to make the most of the mentee-mentor relationship.

Recognize the areas you need a mentor for

We all come across different situations in life. You should recognize the areas for which you are seeking a mentor for. When you are at a crossroads with a dilemma of what to choose? Or you have set your goal and require expert advice for validation. Or you are just seeking help for academic purposes, let’s say essays or college assignments etc.,  are few questions to ask yourself. Such insights will simplify matters and save your time and effort.

List down the main attributes

To get the most of the mentee-mentor relationship, being comfortable with each other is of paramount importance. Study characteristics and search qualities that you require in your mentor. For instance would you prefer a knowledgeable and introverted mentor or you want an extrovert and knowledgeable mentor. What will be the mode of communication to reach out to each other in case of emergencies? And few other attributes in order to bear fruits of mentorship.

Take care of your mentor

As much as it is the mentor’s responsibility to educate you, it is also your duty to make up for the time and effort your mentor has bestowed upon you. In times when they require assistance, be there for them. Look after and be mindful of their expectations from you. Encourage and build trust between each other so you both are comfortable when receiving or giving feedback. Mentorship is a trusted relationship where mentee and mentor learn from each other and grow.

Lastly, the ultimate measure of success is receiving answers to the then questions, redirection on the right path, and erasing any doubts that you may have. Mentorship can change students’ lives in numerous ways and build long-lasting relationships.

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